Election Management

Voter Analysis:

Having determined a target audience for your campaign by opinion poll survey, now you should make an effort to understand the members of the target audience thoroughly. At VEdge we have developed a system to analyze the voter on four different parameters

  1.  Values
  2. Attitudes
  3.  Issues and
  4. Desire for leadership qualities
  5. Sociological research

Likely Voter Marking:

In Likely Voter marking we mark the voter just before the Election Day with the help of party worker (Party workers provided by the client) to increase the voting turnout on the election in the party favour. It helps politician in many ways to increase the chance of winning the election.

Likely supporters who are only potential voters must be persuaded to vote. Target these people with motivational messages and a strong Election Day push to make sure as many of them as possible vote.

Voter Contact Plan:

Once you have decided whom you will be talking to and what you will be saying, the next step is to decide how you will be saying it. In other words, how will you get your campaign’s message out to voters?

VEdge Consulting has developed a unique methodology for voter contact plan during elections through various sources on considering various parameters to influence the voter to vote for the same.

Volunteer Training:

Your volunteers are some of the most important people you will deal with in a political campaign. They give their time and efforts in order to see their candidate win the election.  We at VEdge has a team of qualified people to train the party volunteer to increase the vote turnout in party favour and influence the other people as well in the constituency.


During a campaign, whether it is an election campaign or a campaign within a district or town, media advertising or poster and leaflet distribution are no substitute for direct contact. Door-to-door is one of the most important forms of direct marketing (other forms include organizing meetings and debates, setting up call centre. Voice messages, text messaging)

VEdge Consulting has developed different method of canvassing voter in the constituency after a details research in the respective fields.

You can increase turnout by about 8 points among those contacted if you have face-to-face contact with young adults before Election Day.

  • A door knock can boost turnout by about 8 points
  • A live phone call increases turnout by 3-5 points
  • A text message increases turnout by 3-4 points
  • Multiple contacts from a campaign can increase turnout by 10-14 percentage points

Social Media Management:

In the Arena of technology, Social Media is an important marketing weapon in the armoury of the politicians. As a business, you need to connect with your target vote on the web through various sources like Facebook, Twitter, Linkden etc. Helping you achieve this objective is Tangerine. VEdge offers various Social Media packages that may be customized to match your political requirements.  We help our client

  • Managing Social Identity
  • Authoritative Content
  • Insight & Report
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Driving User Engagement

E& Mobile Marketing:

In the Arena of Technology, Email and Mobile Marketing have a pivotal role during the elections in engaging with voters. VEdge helps its client to engage politicians through E & Mobile marketing through its various tools like email marketing, message marketing, voice messaging etc.

Outdoor Media Management:

Rally Assessment and Management:

In today’s politics conducting Mega rally’s has become fashion to influence the voters. We at VEdge have developed the unique methodology to assess the behaviour of the audience attending the rally on various parameters like values, attitudes, cultural representation, and many more through our methodology.  We also asses the mood of audience in the rally like with whom they are influence and whom they want to see the face in the elections.

Opposition Analysis:

Once you have determined your own candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, the next logical step is to repeat the process for your opponents’. If you are facing several opponents, you should determine which ones are your strongest competitors for the loyalty of voters you hope to attract. Again, you can organize your assessment into various sections and look for both strengths and weaknesses. Your opponents will not be forthcoming with information about themselves. You will probably need to do some digging to find reasons for voters to vote against them and for your candidate.

We at VEdge do opposition Analysis on various source of information available to us through our team and guide the client to customize the strategy accordingly.

War Room:

We at VEdge have very strategically made war room to help our client making strategy during election considering various parameters and a big data which remains available to us.

We at VEdge consider setting three basic kinds of war rooms in political campaigns:

  • Decision-making war room: This is a set-up where you have the core decision-makers for a campaign working in one room or in close proximity. This allows the campaign to make decisions and act quickly when they see a threat or opportunity.
  • Media-monitoring war room: In a media-monitoring war room, you typically have a room of 8-12 intern-level staff watching, capturing and alerting to staff all media activity. This stream of information is typically followed by a dedicated member of the communications staff, often the Rapid Response team who then act to shape media coverage and the campaign message.
  • Election-day war room: On Election Day, the action shifts to get-out-the-vote, and the centre for monitoring this is the election-day war room. This is typically run by the Political Director of the campaign, and is composed of the regional political directors in charge of different swing states. The goal here is to get an early sense of the votes and devote resources through Election Day in different directions as needed. Each state and county has vote targets, and meeting all targets is how you win.

 Voter Turnout Management


Our management team consists of alumnus of topmost educational institutes such as IIT, IIM, DCE (DTU) and NIT's. The IT and database management department is headed by engineers and MCAs from prestigious institutes. Experienced social sciences post-graduates from JNU and TISS look after political, social and economic research division and graduates from leading institutes of Mass Communication and Political Science work as surveyors and data collectors.


Political Consulting

Baseline Survey, Door to Door Survey, Opinion & Exit Polls, Constituency Profiling, Voter List Correction, Trend Analysis, Win-ability Analysis.

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Management consulting is the practice of helping organizations to improve their performance primarily through the analysis.
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