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After completing all its projects successfully in Maharashtra.We happy to inform you all that its clear now that BJP got 122 seats but before results were declared even in the most unpredictable sort of politics in Maharashtra VEdge was one of the few Research firms who at that time predicted that BJP will get near about 120 seats where established and experienced players were predicting 150+. So today team VEdge is here because of its handwork and dedication and it will continue to do so until it sets a new benchmark in the Political research arena

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Our management team consists of alumnus of topmost educational institutes such as IIT, IIM, DCE (DTU) and NIT's. The IT and database management department is headed by engineers and MCAs from prestigious institutes. Experienced social sciences post-graduates from JNU and TISS look after political, social and economic research division and graduates from leading institutes of Mass Communication and Political Science work as surveyors and data collectors.


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