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  1. 1. At Present, What is the burning issue in Bihar?
     Corruption Price rise - Control Employment Infrastructural Development Irrigation Educational infrastructure Law and Order Social Goodwill Religious Disharmony- Riots Special State status Other
  2. 2. Bihar under the leadership of Nitish kumar is on the road of development and prosperity?
     Strongly agree Agree Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree
  3. 3. To what extent caste factor is going to affect the voter choice in this election?
     Very high High Normal Low Very low
  4. 4. Do you believe that MODI WAVE going to work in Bihar assembly elections-2015 too?
     Yes, No Can’t say
  5. 5. Which party can solve the problems faced by Bihar and its people?
  6. 6. Which political Alliance you prefer to support in the upcoming Bihar Assembly Elections-2015?
  7. 7. JD(U) has form a political alliance with RJD and INC what are your views about this
     Good political move Political disaster Desperate attempt to counter BJP JD(U) having leadership crisis in party
  8. 8. How do you rate the working of JD(U) govt in the state?
     Very good good Neither good nor Bad Bad Very Bad
  9. 9. Who according to you will be ideal CM candidate in coming Bihar elections 2015?
     Nitish kumar Sushil kumar modi Lalu Prasad yadav Giriraj Singh Dr.Prem Kumar Ram Kripal Yadav Jitan Ram manjhi Upendra Kushwaha Ram Vilas Paswan
  10. 10. Which political party is having max Jan sampark with the people of Bihar?
  11. 11. Can the grand political alliance of JANTA DAL FAMILY will be able to unite the people of various castes like Yadav, kurmi and khushwaha which were earlier divided on caste factors?
     Strongly Agree Agree Can't say Disagree Highly Disagree
  12. 12.Has Jitan Ram manjhis movement have successfully projected him as the Leader of the underprivileged, Minorities and Mahadalits in the past few months ?
     Strongly Agree Agree Can't say Disagree Highly Disagree
  13. 13.Will the anti incumbency and the so called Jungle Raj of past RJD govt. going to effect the Developmental and progressive image of Shri Nitish kumar in the coming months?
     Strongly Agree Agree Can't say Disagree Highly Disagree
  14. 14.What type of Govt model do you think will be best for Bihar?? 1) A BJP model of govt which is more central in nature 2) JDU model of govt which is more active at state level?
     BJP Model JD(U) Model
  15. 15.Do you think has the Land acquisition bill and Not so pro middle class budget has made BJP unpopular among farmers and Middle class of Bihar?
     Strongly Agree Agree Can't say Disagree Highly Disagree
  16. 16.Which party do you think can uplift Bihar from its rigid caste divisions and conflicts and can take Bihar on the path of progress at par with the Rest of India?


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